Summertown Eagles Basketball

Summertown Basketball Rules and Practice Policies

Team Rules:

1.      Be on time.

2.      Play and practice hard everyday.

3.      Never criticize your teammates.

4.      Know and accept your role.

5.      Stay well groomed.

6.      Do not do anything that will be detrimental to this team, yourself, and/or Summertown High School.

If any of these team rules are violated, disciplinary action will be decided on by the Team Disciplinary Committee and the coaching staff. The head coach always has the final word on all disciplinary issues.


Practice Participation:

1.     Practices are mandatory. If you have to miss a practice, you need to notify Coach Trotter in advance. You can reach me at the following number:                (cell) 931-619-1477. During the summer I will certainly excuse a family vacation. A trip to the river with your buddies does not constitute a family vacation.


2.     Make up Conditioning. You can never make what you miss in an actual practice. That is why that it is so important that you are there. You can however, make up the conditioning. For every minute of a practice that you miss whether you are late or miss the practice entirely, you must run a down and back sprint. For Example: If you miss a 2 hour practice (120 minutes) you must run 120 down and backs before you can rejoin the team. The coach will make the judgment on whether the tardiness or absence is excused or unexcused.


3.     Player Evaluations. Players are constantly being evaluated in this program. Practice attendance, practice habits, work ethic, team attitude, and overall basketball skill are some qualities that we are constantly trying to improve. Your attendance and effort are big factors in determining your role on this team. If you want a bigger role, go to work and earn it.


4.     Classroom expectations.  As a student/athlete here at Summertown High School, you are expected to perform to your absolute best ability both on the court and in the classroom. We know it is not realistic to expect straight A’s out of every student, but we do expect your very best effort. That means that all work needs to be turned in on time. You need to participate in all classroom activities, and you must always be on your best behavior. Classroom absenteeism and tardiness will not be tolerated. If any of this is a problem for you, the coaching staff will develop an after school activity program that will modify this behavior.